Vygon products are of good quality and so they are very reliable. The team is very dedicated both in marketing as well as development.

Dr Sagnik DattaResident
Department of Anesthesiology and Critical care, Midnapore medical college

I am a long-term user of Vygon products for the last 30 years in the UK, Australia, and India mainly because of all the products for the newborn baby especially the PICC lines, chest drain with trocar to name a few. They are the market leaders for these products and have achieved an enviable reputation for quality and standards in this niche but highly needed area. They have consistently maintained an excellent quality of services.

Dr. Binu NinanM.D (Pediatrics)
Head of Department
Pediatrics and Neonatology, MGM Healthcare, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Of all patients, children have the greatest fear of needles. Many times, they need medicines for a week or two. Most of the IV cannula work for a day or two. Smart midline had been quite useful for these kids, as they easily function for two weeks. With different available lengths, they can also be used as PICC lines, which can be used for sampling, apart from IV medicines. With the seldinger techniques, placement is also easy.

Dr Sandeep Sinha MadhukarRainbow Hospital,
Malviya Nagar,
New Delhi

Premature babies need meticulous care starting right after birth. Vygon has been helping us in improving our patient care. Using Neohelp from Vygon keeps our babies warm while we help them breath and transition normally. Neonatal transport after birth is integral cause our small babies will become cold while transport. Neohelp helps us in maintaining normal temperatures in small babies.
The new Surfcath is so helpful for surfactant administration via Lisa.

Dr Ranvijay RanaMBBS, MD, Pediatrics
Consultant neonatologist and Pediatrician
Indus International Hospital

Vygon has been a pioneer in introducing some of the most innovative products like Neohelp and Surfacath which has helped us provide good care to the newborns.

Dr Jaskaran Singh SawhneyMBBS , MD , Fellowship In Neonatology (IAP)
Senior Consultant Neonatology, Chaitanya Hospital, Chandigarh

Founder and Director Svasthya Clinic, Chandigarh

It has been a pleasing experience using Vygon products over the last 10 years. New range of midline catheters offers better substitute to multi – lumen catheters in patients requiring only single lumen line. Quality standards are perfect and maintained till date.

Dr Sujata BhattiConsultant Pediatrics and pediatric intensive care
SPS Hospital, Ludhiana